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Post  Cowboy Breebop on Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:26 am

Is this Oshawa? 'Cause it looks like we're at the END OF THE LINE! It's been an

interesting cycle - well, interesting is an understatement. It's been a quitter-

filled, fierce-model-abundant cycle featuring the occasional dipshit. Now, things

have turned out quite differently from the judges' initial predictions. Pre-show,

Lesus polled all the judges and asked how they thought each model would place

overall in the competition. Let's review, shall we?

Unranked - Kendra. Ah yes, the girl who joined late, submitted an abysmal picture,

never sent in a car picture, and was never heard from after her elimination. Oddly

enough, many saw Kendra doing well, due to her relatable prettyness. Quite simply,

she was never ranked in time.





12th place - Killian. The biggest shocker of all. Killian, entering our final

three, has been lambasted by judges, contestants, and viewers alike. The fifteen-

year-old Irish boy has, according to speculators, gotten by on "the screw-ups of

others." Thankful for his many chances, Killian chooses to take this opportunity to

prove himself, but admits that it has been hard. "When Lauren was sent home I felt

pretty downcast," he admitted. "I understand how strong of a contender she was her

enormous potential and while I'm glad that I'm still here I feel like some people

are like: "Killian's portfolio isn't good next to Lauren's, WTH?". But I'm going to

surpass that and I know I can. I'm going to work my hardest this week, no joke."

Most of the top four saw Killian going home in fourth/fifth place (dependent on

Amaranth's quitting), and even Killian didn't have too much faith in himself. "My

portfolio isn't as strong as the others'. It sucks, but it's true." "He can do

really good but doesnt seem to be reaching that point," Chantal reasoned. Though

his charming personality has won him fans, even the best of fans had his doubt. "I

want in in the top 2 or 3 so badly," fourth-place castoff Mikiel sad, "But he's too

much like Marlee." Marlee Abbott, the fierce fourth-runner-up of Cycle 2, could not

be reached for comment, but probably would have said something along the lines of

"Meow I am a kitty." Killian's improvement has been undeniable, though, and it has

given some people a bit of faith. "In the long run, the one with slow improvement

makes it to the end," Mikiel tells us confidently. Contrarily, Karasu believes

consistency should be more valued. "Slow improvement can only last for so long,

especially when it doesn't result in an amazing picture."

11th place - Robbie - the racially ambiguous teen seemed passive about the

competition, but did show promise with his first two photoshoots. His

lightheartedness quickly made him an easy guy to be around, though fellow

contestants still doubted his ability. Lesus adored Robbie, but after handing in

his "workout" shoot late, the extra penalty points landed Robbie in the bottom two

in what has been labelled one of the worst bunches of ImdbNTM pictures to date.

Despite the brief slip, many believed Robbie would be able to pull himself up for

the next shoot. Unfortunately, all the potential in the world could not help RObbie

when he was sadly forced to pull out of the competition due to a death in the

family. Robbie abandoned the boards for awhile, and though he made a brief return,

it appeared that the newfound drama on the boards was overwhelming, and he quickly

fleed - again. We assume that Robbie is somewhere out there, having a life. If onl

we could be so lucky.

10th place - Lauren - Another big shock this cycle. Funky, punky Lauren proved to

not only be sweet as a banana cupcake, but also take some funky-cool pictures.

Though she vouched for "shorty rights," her pictures seemed to showcase a long-

limbed awkward beauty. Despite the modelesque features and the funky and fresh

style (as well as some utterly hilarious Youtube videos) Lauren's facial

expressions became her undoing. It is popular speculation that Lauren did not

understand the potential and the beauty she possessed in her face, which is why she

relied on silly and ironic faces as her go-to face. Despite two abysmal pictures in

her last two weeks, many fans were rightfully upset at her elimination. Lauren has

expressed no plans to pursue modeling, but will surely continue to rock in the free


9th place - Shaq - Though many pictured him being tossed out the door as soon as

possible, his apparent desire to be a model touched a few judges. The desire was

questioned, however, when Shaq failed to submit pictures even worth critiquing at

the first elimination ceremony, most of the judges felt it was about as good as

submitting nothing, like his friends Kendra and Jazz did. Shaq showed minimal

improvement at the workout shoot, and impressed the judges with how hardcore he

was, working out with a brick. But his pictures was still the worst of the worst,

and he was booted to elimination-ville. After seemingly backing off from the boards

for a bit, Shaq returned for an interview with our own Ballard Mer Ross. According

to some, Shaq took his desire to appear likeable too far when he turned the whole

interview into one short punctuated joke after another. "Shaq annoyed me when he

came back, but whatever," Karasu mused. A few sympathizers attributed Shaq's

silliness to his age, and with that, they were done with the issue.

8th place - Connor - who? Right, the guy who never entered the competition in the

first place. Eighth is a pretty good prediction for someone who never really did

much. Connor dropped out almost immediately, probably due to his fear of creating a

Saleisha-gate like scandal. But more on that with Chloe.

7th place - Chloe - The breathtaking Aussie wannabe model had some judges convinced

with her beauty, but turned others off with her indifference. To the shock of some,

Chloe turned out a stunning beauty shot for the 'framed' shoot, which some have

deemed one of the top photos in imdbntm history. However, her other two photoshoots

in the competition were lambasted for going way off-brief. After a brief

disappearance, Lesus broke the public the news - that Chloe was gone to Japan,

apparently to become Hello Kitty. He also admitted later in the competition that

Chloe was indeed his friend, protige, and secret lover. As was Connor. All three of

those. See? Saleisha-gate.

6th place - Sara - The apparently far more busy and slightly less bubbly sister of

Cycle 2's Mel (who is on the boards more than her dear sister) had the judges at an

odd middle-ground with every one of her shoots. Though Sara possessed a cute and

funky look, her style of modeling did not come off as natural, and the judges saw

the effort more than the payoff. At the dramatic/simple photoshoot, Sara's computer

quite inconveniently asploded, and though the judges remained sympathetic at first,

they quickly became frustrated and eliminated her ass. She rarely posts anymore,

but has joined the group in a few online chats.

5th place - Karasu - Lesus's clear current favourite (don't lie, Leigh) has pulled

off some consistently amazing shots. Despite an underwhelming frame picture, Karasu

proceeded to quickly climb to the top and stay there for the remainder of the

competition. Many contestants believe this is a curse, and that the consistently

good contestant never wins (um, ouch). "He's been consistently at the top week to

week, and like Audrey, he won't win," Mikiel critiques disdainfully. However, most

would argue that Karasu deserves it. "I would rather of seen in this comp

consisitntly good pics [as opposed to] bad then a bit better then bad and so on,"

Chantal remarks. The still buddy-buddy ex of Lauren (whom apparently he never

managed to tap... thanks for the info, Lauren!) is perceived as kind by most of the

contestants. "I figured Karasu was this nice guy but it turns out he's really cool

and seems easy to hang out with," Killian tells us. "He has my sense of humour (in

his YouTube videos)." However, Karasu has undeniably been a drama-magnet - first

being involved in a fight between Jonny and Ballard, then became a player in the

totally unnecessary Deacon-week (which carried over onto the imdb boards) then was

singled out by Bree as cruel in the "Mimi Week" scandal, then most recently as we

all know (and want to forget) became MillaJ-Joey's main headbutter in February's

Dynamic Douchebag Duo fight(s). Again, the fight managed to carry itself over to

the imdb boards, where Karasu refused to back down and was continuously prepped

with comebacks and speeches. "I always heard that Karasu could get defensive, but

my God man haha," Mikiel commentated. "It's funny, but I thought he'd be passive

about the drama." Karasu's biggest obstacle as a model currently is to overcome

Zoolander-syndrome, to stop giving us Blue Steel and give us Magnum. "He gives the

same angry/serious expression in his photos!" AndyStern expressed to the judges in

"private," "I think I may be the only one who feels this way but just go back and

look at this past photos!"

4th place - Amaranth - another quitter-extraordinaire, Amaranth was perceived as a

threat by some pre-show (though a few judges felt she was contrived or lacking

drive), and that threat dwindled slightly in the first few weeks. Her serious-

artiste determination made her appear a bit stiff. "Ugly it up a little and show us

you arent afraid to look silly," Lesus urged her. Amaranth was the subject of a

minimal controversy in the coming weels, when Ballard and a few others speculated

judge/sex fiend Cozy of going particularily easy on the model. Cozy did not deny

that she may have felt a bias towards Amaranth, but she had attempted not to let it

show in her critiques (and felt that she achieved that). However, amidst the

controversy, Amaranth stepped it up and proved that she didn't need any bias - she

earned first call-out for the robot shoot almost unanimously, and performed well in

the runway/emotion photoshoot as well. When all was looking up, Amaranth decided

unexpectedly to withdraw from the competition, upsetting and inciting many

profanities from Sweet Lesus.

3rd Place - Chantal - Rounding out our current top 3 is the exciting, fashion-

crazed British beauty Chantal. In the first two weeks, the judges did not know what

to think of Chantal - modelesque, yes! But her pictures were mediocre. Her third

picture blew the judges away and earned her the top spot of the week. A few

consistency issues had Chantal surfing the orders up and down for the weeks to come, her worst week being a robot-themed photoshoot. Fotunately, it was Lauren's hot mess and Jonny's nudity which saved Chantal from the bottom two. Many judges argue that Chantal's good shots have made up for her bad shots. "Chantals dramatic is definately the best of the cycle so far," remarked Sweet Lesus. "Possibly Number 2 of the best EVER behind Kazara's recycling [picture]." But the modest and reasonable Chantal sees herself coming in third place, and cannot articulate a reason why she should win. A few remaining contestants see Chantal taking the title or coming in second place. The judges' main concern recently has been Chantal's tendency to get defensive and reluctant whenever she faces an obstacle in the competition. "I really wish Chantal would just suck it up," judge Nigel said of Chantal's issue with fish. "I've always felt like she's poised to ditch the competition as soon as it doesn't go the way she likes," seethed judge Bree, who predicted Chantal to win the competition, pre-show. Chantal submitted her fishy pictures nonetheless - but is the fear in her eyes?

2nd Place - Jonny and 1st place - Mikiel - Initially considered a threat after his stellar first shoot, Jonny's picture quality began to decline. His second picture was thought to be a fluke, but his third picture had judges questioning his true abilities. A provocative "robot-esque" picture had the judges divided - or rather, all judges against Bree. In the end, Bree was overtaken and Jonny was eliminated, much to the shock of everyone. Despite the decline in quality of his pictures, some contestants still felt he should have continued on. "I think he should of stayed longer and perhaps took over [sic] Lauren's place," Chantal lamented in her confessional. The hotheaded Jonny oftened clashed with predicted winner, Mikiel, who took home fourth place. At the time of his fateful robot shoot, Jonny accused Mikiel of stealing his idea, which sparked an all-out rivalry and prompted Jonny to be far more critical of Mikiel's work. "Jonny reckons Mikiel's photos are really boring whereas mine are interesting," Killian observed. "I only hope it's... not his dislike of Mikiel that makes him say that." Some accuse initial frontrunner Mikiel of being "aggressive." Despite being perceived as arrogant, the fallen Mikiel proved to be quite a bit more modest in his Breecap interview. "Being realistic, my reign at the top has ended," Mikiel remarked after the emotion/runway round. His recent string of "not bads" were his ultimate undoing. Mikiel remained grateful. "I'll always want to be a part of this and its an honor to have made it this far in the competition."

So that's where everyone stands right now, and everything you need to know up until these fishy vagina pictures are released!! It's been a pleasure Breecapping.

Cowboy Breebop

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Lauren on Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:40 am

lmao i wasnt to happy this weekend but this recap made up for it lmao
sweet as a banana cupcake? lmao are those even real? hahaa

i love my recap its amazing.

alex now hates me tho cause i told everyone we never did it hahahaa

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Cowboy Breebop on Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:42 am

Hey, it's best that he never infiltrated your secret underground layer, that's probably the reason you two have remained friends.

Cowboy Breebop

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  BlackAmaranth_22 on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:03 am

i couldnt help but quit.
at least u guys were told.

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Hottamaletrain on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:05 am

OMG its Amaranth! Shocked

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  MikielJoe on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:07 am

Ah! I'm so glad that this is finally here! haha Very Happy Winner? Really? That made my life hehe :] I hope that I don't come off as arrogant all the time because I'm really not. I'm far from it haha Razz

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Karasu on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:10 am

and im not as argumentative as i seem to be lol

im usually quiet

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Chantal_Jade on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:32 am

aw that was coool as

i would still like to know what the other models think of me aswell as the judges but nevermind

you did an amazing job bree!

love it!

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  MikielJoe on Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:24 am

Here you go Chantal:

1. Now that we're at top five, list the order of whom you think will come in what place.
1st - Chantal (The girl who had all the goods but started out in the middle, she's now taking awesome pictures! I think she'll make it to the top!)

8. Who is doing the most differently than your initial expectations, competition/skill-wise?
Chantal-Jade hands down! I never understood the hype over her look and everythinChantal-Jade hands down! I never understood the hype over her look and everything. I thought that she'd just be another person in the competition, but she is fierce now! I never guess the winner right.

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Jonny-boy on Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:21 am

aww, Bree. Crying or Very sad
i feel like such a shit because i was predicted to be in the top 2 and then my photos were blah. if i could do it all over again, i'd fix shoots 2, 3 & 5. i also wish i'd gotten one more chance to prove that i could win since in week 4, i'd been in the top 3 again.

i can't believe Karasu was predicted to be so low! maybe it's because i saw his pre-show work, but i always thought he'd be among to top.

after week 2, i thought Chantal would make a great runner-up and i still feel that way.

as for my bad attitude towards a couple of people, i think i'm just opinionated and i've been going through a lot of shit since i moved to Beaumont last July, so i tend to get more irritated with people than i should be. and i apologize if i came off as an asshole to anyone.

good luck to the final 3!

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  sweet_tyra_lesus on Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:17 pm

LOL yeh bree, i wont lie, ive been a massive karasu fan the whole way through.

BUT in saying that, ive also been a chantal fan, just not as vocal about it haha

I definately think that for the first time EVER the Top 2 are completely even for me at thispoint and i will probably base my decision on the final photo.

Wanna Be On Top?

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Killian-1 on Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:04 pm

Badass Breecap. Very Happy

Teehee, I went nine places ahead in people's predictions. Cool

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  AdultCookies on Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:01 am

i got a shout out whoop whoop!

you look like a rabbit

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  MeLiSsA-RoSe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:22 am

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHANGE UR ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad Arrow Twisted Evil affraid pig cat monkey cyclops Suspect Cool Shocked albino elephant WHY HAVNT YOU CHANGED IT YET!!!!!!!!

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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

Post  Marlee on Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:56 am

"But he's too

much like Marlee." Marlee Abbott, the fierce fourth-runner-up of Cycle 2, could not

be reached for comment, but probably would have said something along the lines of

"Meow I am a kitty."


And I have no idea if I should be offended or complimented by that, but I'd just like to say, "Meow I am a kitty."

But seriously, someone tell me what "too much like Marlee" is supposed to mean.


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Re: B-b-b-b-breecap!

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